When it came to redesigning the platforms for Project Temporality we started the concepts with the traditional small thumbnails.

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After picking a few favorites I worked them over with some more details.


From this we narrowed it down to one final design.

After this step I left the actual modeling over to Jonathan.
And so here is the final product in game. all nice and textured!
TemporalityScreen431 TemporalityScreen471 TemporalityScreen176

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes artwork from the final touches to Temporality!


Faces of temporality

januari 10, 2014

I have drawn alot of faces for the journals to be found in Project Temporality!

FacesoftTemporality01 FacesoftTemporality02

it’s business! (cards)

april 3, 2013

Here’s a preview look on what my business cards will look like.
I don’t think it’s any kind of surprise they are designed as folders!


RTS base!

april 3, 2013

In case you missed it (i didn’t post it) Here’s a fine-ass render of the main base from the RTS


Space Zombies!

april 2, 2013

I made some spacezombies for the game!


Leaping Llama update

februari 26, 2013

So parallel to the FPS I’m making a model of the Leaping Llama.
Here is the progress so far:


FPS monsters

februari 25, 2013

So….. Another monster! (Albin stole the main character..)

ZBrush ScreenGrab01BasicEnemy

The Matriach

februari 20, 2013

aaaaaand she’s done! check out these delicious pictures!

TheMatriarch TheMatriarch_Wireframe TheMatriarch_textures TheMatriarch_Concepts

A new texture

februari 9, 2013

This is what happens when you have to make a whole new texture! Almost done with it. Think it’s turning out way better than the last one. Also! Now she’s got a baby in her belly! that can move! Oh the joy of childbirth..


februari 3, 2013

Jävlar vad jag bygger saker till spelet utan lappar ett vetskap om att det kommer att hamna i spelet!
Lägger upp dom andra enheterna jag gjort här så att man kan se hur mysiga dom är! 😀

turretrender Render-port01