december 28, 2015

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När man inte är hemma på julen så måste man komma på andra saker att göra än att spela spel..
Rita mutanter till Mutant: År Noll till exempel!


Some painted scenery!

juni 8, 2015

Making scenes with simple animation for a Spellsworn trailer!
I am pleased the way they are turning out. Almost wallpaper worthy some of them! 😀


So keep a lookout for the full animated masterpiece around E3!

shout out to Jonathan Gard and Ingunn Hammer-Olsen for designing most of these things!


more super-secret concepts!

januari 6, 2015

Concepts is the most fun to draw!
Here! Have one of one of the characters to 2015s most anticipated game!


…and here’s one of a few of the ”weapons” you will be casting your magic with!

…and here’s just a sneak preview of the little Santa I made to make the team happy 😀

Arena Concepts and such

oktober 24, 2014

Here! have some more super secret concept art for the upcoming  Spellsworn game!

Player customization

Arena Concepts

Secretsworn stuff!

oktober 16, 2014

You saw it here first folks! Brand new Concept art for the hit game Spellsworn!


Andra saker

oktober 9, 2014

Andra saker jag gör samtidigt som awesome spel!
Som uppgraderas till (WiP)


Also lite naturskisser!


When it came to redesigning the platforms for Project Temporality we started the concepts with the traditional small thumbnails.

(Please vote for us on Steam greenlight. And also spread the word to every person you know!)

After picking a few favorites I worked them over with some more details.


From this we narrowed it down to one final design.

After this step I left the actual modeling over to Jonathan.
And so here is the final product in game. all nice and textured!
TemporalityScreen431 TemporalityScreen471 TemporalityScreen176

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes artwork from the final touches to Temporality!

The Matriach

februari 20, 2013

aaaaaand she’s done! check out these delicious pictures!

TheMatriarch TheMatriarch_Wireframe TheMatriarch_textures TheMatriarch_Concepts

New Game Concepts

november 27, 2012

Ibland blir det svenska och ibland blir det engelska. Nu har vi börjat på ett nytt spel som är ett RTS!
Spännande och läskigt!

Här är lite concepts:

Oroa er icke mina kära vänner! Jag kommer att posta vårat underbara Cloud Shooter inom den närmaste framtiden!